Monday, February 18, 2013

ohwto orenjipai

Orange cake! Tangerine, Slivered Almonds, Buttercream Icing, and Cake.

Orenjipai was part of One Hand Washes The Other's 2012 Winter release.

In the tube it smells like a creamsicle. Exactly like a creamsicle! It is delicious and makes me want a creamsicle. Someone make a vegan creamsicle and sell it to me, okay? On skin I get the almond in a big way, it's like buttery almond cake with orange zest. The almond fades pretty quickly after application and it becomes more of an orange cake with heavily zest-studded buttercream frosting. There's not as much creamy sweetness at this point, so it doesn't smell much like a creamsicle once it's on. It's very tangy, if I may co-opt a flavor word. It's not complicated but it's really, really yummy.

It smells so much like a creamsicle in the tube though. I kind of wish it stayed like that. Or maybe that I just had a different, for real creamsicle-scented perfume in addition to this.

Would I buy it again? Yes. It's awesome. But it will make you want a creamsicle, so you know, be aware.

Available from: OHWTO (still available for purchase as of this posting)

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