Sunday, March 24, 2013

arcana ooomph

For those late afternoons when eyelids begin to inexorably droop. Coffee, coffee, more coffee, cream, and a brew of stimulative herbs which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.

The full, proper name of this perfume is "Professor T. S. Goodfellow's Winter Correctives: Ooomph." It's mostly empty because received it as a free sniffie when I purchased something in an LJ sale. Enough to test out, though!

In the imp and on skin, Ooomph smells like Kahlua. Specifically, it smells like a White Russian. You could also make a case for coffee ice cream. It's very strongly coffee, but a creamy, milky coffee. I can see where the cheesecake description comes from, but honestly, I can't think of anything more bang-on than a White Russian.

The Dude approves.

Misc. Notes: Mike thinks this smells like fruitcake.

Would I buy it again? Yes, especially if I caught a bottle of it on sale. I do really like it, so it's on my Full Bottle List, but it's not near the top.

Available from: Wherever Arcana oils are sold - Magical Omaha and The Soap Box Co among other places, or you can order direct from Julia using the contact info at Arcana Soaps.


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    1. It is! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a sweet coffee scent.