Tuesday, March 12, 2013

delightful rot poison apple

An apple that bites back. With notes of green apple, lime and crisp, aquatic musk, this scent brings about the image of the poisoned apple that plagued the princesses of so many childhood fairy tales.

In the imp, Poison Apple (now Poisoned Apple) smells like lime, musk, and a hint of sour apple. On skin the lime is a bit less assertive, but it's a pretty citrus-heavy scent either way. At first. But then it dries down to something I can't even really identify - I can smell apple, but it's... not good. And I love apple. But it's like rotten apples and some kind of lime cleaning spray. Just super unpleasant.

Would I buy it again? No. Nooooooo. I'm going to assume this is a skin chemistry issue, because I can't imagine a scent being purposely made to smell this way. In any case, it's not for me.

Available from: Delightful Rot

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